How To Minimize Injuries During an Active Summer

Summer is always an exciting and fun time. The sun is out, and the outdoors provide endless activities for active people ranging from rock climbing to kayaking. The possibilities for activities are practically endless. There is, however, some danger with all this fun. Many of these outdoor activities are just that: active. With many active events outdoors there lies a risk of injury. The question then becomes how to minimize these injuries to be able to enjoy all that the summer can offer. Below are listed three ways to minimize injuries during an active summer.

1. Get Stronger

Being stronger is beneficial to almost every physical endeavor. Having a good weight to strength ratio is extremely beneficial to many outdoor sports like rock climbing. The stronger you are while weighing the least amount possible makes climbing up a rock face easier, as you are pulling up less weight and thus causing less fatigue on the muscles. Well conditioned muscles and joints mean less chance of muscle tears and strains on the joints.

Gaining strength does not need to be confusing or difficult. A bodyweight routine can be sufficient for gaining muscular endurance and strength.

2. Better Conditioning

Being in better condition is a great way to help ensure injury prevention. Oftentimes form begins to deteriorate as one gets more and more fatigued. When good form breaks down, injury from an activity is more likely to occur. This is true in sports but also in regular active events during the summer like playing a friendly game of beach volleyball or swimming in a lake. Being in better condition helps maintain good form, thus keeping you away from injury. There are many ways to get in better condition, from jogging to high-intensity training. Pick something that is fun and that works for you.

3. Gain More Flexibility

Flexibility is often neglected by many people, even those who are active. According to an expert quoted in this article, flexibility is the third pillar of fitness. As mentioned in the article, stretching can play a role in injury prevention. By stretching, you actually lengthen the muscle. Bad posture can actually shorten muscles. This is not good for active people, as many times quick movements are necessary. Quick movements, however, can cause damage to muscles that have been shortened due to chronic bad posture and poor habits. Thus, daily stretching can be beneficial in preventing these types of injuries.

Above are listed some simple tips in minimizing injuries during your summer activities. By laying these three pieces of advice as a foundation, you can better enjoy your summer while reducing your risk for injury.