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Making the Case for Physicians as Part of the EHR Project Team

Working with an EHR Project Team involvesgoing over digital copies of patients’ medical recordswith instant info and safely sent to those that are given access to these patients. Many components of an EHR includes a patient’s medical history, access to making choices for their care, and a smoother workflow and interface. Using EHRs means that the digital work field makes working with other health care organizations faster than before.

There arefour roles in an EHR project team,and they include the project manager, application analyst, application developer, and quality assurance test engineer. The project manager is the one overseeing the entire team, and should also have prior experience with working on the medical field, especially if they once had a similar job in the same hospital. A PM should have to keep up have a consistent amount of success, which means being accurate with the information of their patients as well as never being late with their deadlines. On top of that, there are also different forms of phases that a PM should observe when making use of the aspects of the project. An application analyst looks through different requirements made from internal IT teams, department leads, executives, and end-users before going into the design stage. An AA should also be either a nurse or a pharmacist prior to working with the rest of the team so they can have someone who better understands the daily clinical needs of their patients. An application developer works with the development portion of their projects, which means that they will have to design and incorporate applications that would be made by very specific requests made by their departments, like the Operating Room and the ICU; those working as the AD would have to be more effective with their analyst after they outline the information they’ll have to collaborate on. Finally, the quality assurance test engineer works through every testing phase of their projects and examen how their system operates. A QA test engineer should have a large clinical background as well as working with different roles that require having a good amount of experience in the hospital setting, which is crucial for those that want to have little mistakes to worry about for their content overall.

In short, having to work with an EHR project team means constantly focusing on accuracy as well as collaborating closely with your partners. Everyone involved should be crucially involved with their roles as well as being kept up to date with any changes for their patients. No matter how many patients go to a hospital that the team is in, continuous work with the group is a task that should not be phoned in.

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