3 Ways to Choose New Commercial Locks for an Office

The process of picking new commercial locks for an office is easy if proper steps are taken. However, in order to enhance security throughout an entire office building, strategic business owners must focus on three things while working with reputable locksmiths.

Consider the Purpose

A lock that uses a master key isn’t the best solution for an office environment because problems will occur if the master key is misplaced. Although the key can be cut so that it will only unlock certain locks, a burglar can still access high risk areas after the key is recovered once it’s dropped. If an office has tons of valuable items, a high security lock should be considered instead since the key can’t be duplicated. Also, once these locks are mounted, a burglar won’t be able to access a space that’s lock by using special tools since the cylinders can’t be picked.

Because efficiency can decrease in locations where high security locks are found, strategic maintenance procedures must be implemented on a regular basis. According to locksmiths, any lock that’s over a year old will need to be cleaned and oiled to ensure reliability during various seasons.

Mount Locks and Accessories for Specific Situations

Although many businesses try to prevent crime that happens during the night, the biggest risks happen during the day. Burglars try to access locked spaces before night because everyone in an office is usually focused on multiple tasks. Many business owners prevent and deter these risky situations by using proper locks with tactical accessories. For example, if an office is located in a spot where lighting is limited in the morning, a light fixture that operates with a timer is placed near each lock. This strategy prevents burglaries around a building because the light will shine and illuminate a property whenever a burglar tries to access a locked location.

Pick Solutions Specifically for Certain Zones

Cylinder locks can keep various areas in an office building secured if they’re placed in proper zones, such as office spaces, stairwells, and halls. Locations where important items are stored will need a stronger lock, which is why keyless security equipment is ideal for high risk spaces. These locks keep areas secured by using key cards; these cards have components that unlock the equipment. Although keyless locks are designed with efficient security features, they should never be used to prevent burglaries. The technology can only deter and prevent employee theft and snooping.