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How to Find the Right Home Scent for You

When you walk throughout your home, there are a few scents that are often more prominent than others. These scents should be enticing instead of those that you want to avoid. Here are a few ways that you can find just the right scent for each room of your home at any time of the year.

Think about the fragrances that you like to smell. Diffuse these scents in your home to determine if they suit the other people who are there. One scent that you think smells good in a bottle might not offer the same smell when it lingers in a large room. Some of the stronger scents should be reserved for homes that have pets or that are more enclosed than others because they can break through the barriers of odors that are present.

Focus on one room at a time instead of trying to find multiple scents that you can smell all across the home. The fragrances won’t compete with each other as they will have a small area to circulate through. Imagine thescents that you remember from being a child, such as a favorite baked good. Rooms where you want family members and guests to feel comfortable should have these aromas. There are some rooms in your home where you might want to have cleaner smells, such as the bathroom. Hallways and living rooms work well with fruity aromas or floral scents.

There are several ways that you can make your homesmellthe way that you want. Consider using a few different methods based on the layout of the room and the scent that you want to smell. A diffuser can sit on a counter while a candle can be placed on a table in the same room. When you use multiple devices, the scent that you want others to smell can last a bit longer than if you were only to use one method.

Examine the products that are used in your home to ensure that they are not toxic to smell. Essential oils are ideal because they are usually made from natural ingredients. You can diffuse the oils or add a few drops to a spray bottle with water that you can disperse around your home. If you want to burn candles, then consider soy candles as they don’t have a lot of the toxins that wax ones have.

As you begin your search for the scent that you like, you want to smell each fragrance before you make a final decision. Think about the overall impact that you want to deliver with the smells in your home. Try to blend the scents with the types of rooms as each area often has its own natural aromas.

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