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About Us

We are an experienced team of business owners and entrepreneurs who have got together to produce this resource.

Between us, we have five CEOs and two millionaires. We regularly get contributions from guest writers and business people, who will shine a light into their own companies and reveal exactly how they managed to get where they are today.

They are not all success stories! We have plenty of cautionary tales along the way and the one thing that all our entrepreneurs have in common, is that they have all made mistakes at some time or another. Some of them have been pretty disastrous ones too!

Read one CEOs account how they lost a million dollars or what they did after their tenth business flopped.

Despite all the failures, our contributors have kept going and eventually made a success of their businesses – although frequently, they were not the original businesses that they started off with!

If it is one thing that we constantly tell our fledgling business owners, it is not to be scared of failure. Failure is good! Especially if you get it out of the way early on. Fail early and fail often is our motto. Often, the best business decisions we make, can be the ones where we learn to walk away, before disaster strikes!

Our website was formed as a friendly and informal place to seek advice, but we also have the backing of various organizations and official bodies.

For the last five years, we have helped oversee hundreds of fledgling start-up businesses and are proud to have helped them along the way, with our help and advice.

As well as articles and informative pieces, we also regularly feature video tutorials and have a ‘how to’ section, with different topics each week.

Our website reaches thousands of people and we like to connect with our readers as often as possible.

To join in the conversation, leave a comment on our page or find us on facebook and linkedin.