6 Tips for Buying Used Children’s Clothes

Shopping for your kids can be fun, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. Even though the clothes are so tiny, many of the prices can still be big. Here are some tips about how to venture into the world of shopping for used children’s clothes.

1. Shop for a Shop

The first and most important tip is to find a good used children’s clothing store. What makes a store good can vary from one person to another, but finding a store you love can help save you money in the long run. Maybe you want a consignment store with more high-end brands, or maybe you want a giant Goodwill with tons of selections that you have to dig through yourself. By visiting a store again and again, you’ll build relationships and figure out when new things typically are put out when the store switches from one featured season to another and get other helpful tips. Building trust with an owner or store can save you tons of time driving around town from one sub-par store to the next.

5. Look For Quality Brands

Know your kids’ clothing brands before setting foot into a used kids clothing store. Because kids grow out of things so fast, stores are full of items from every section of the market. Keep an eye out for high-end items. Another plus with these more expensive items is that they usually are higher in quality, and so show less wear and have a longer life in them than more downmarket brands. Also be careful about the overpricing of popular, but ultimately inexpensive brands like Target’s Ciroc or Carter’s. These are very well known, so they tend to be a higher price than the quality warrants.

4. Be Picky

There are just some things that are very hard to find in used kids clothing stores that are of good quality and haven’t been almost totally worn out. Be careful when buying used shoes. If they show wear, they’ve probably already been worn to the shape of another child’s foot. Onesies are also something that are heavily used. In the cases of some of these items, you may be better off buying a less expensive pair of new shoes or a six pack of new onesies for baby.

3. Buy It When You See It

When shopping don’t limit yourself to just the size that your kid is in today or the upcoming season. Be sure to browse the racks for the next size or two up, because if you find something you love, it’s a fair bet that eventually your kid will be in that size, so if you like it just go ahead and buy it today.

2. Try Internet Groups

If you find a favorite brand that you like, try making your Facebook time useful and join a few buy, sell, trade groups focused on that brand. These are often referred to as “B/S/T” groups online, and you can often find an entire season’s wardrobe worth of clothes in one shot. This is a great tip for those who just don’t have the time to drive around town checking out all the thrift stores.

1. Know (and Check!) Prices

Finally, it’s all about price. If you don’t know what a brand or a type of item of clothing usually sells for, there’s no way to know if you’re saving money or not. Use your ever-present smartphone to estimate what an item might cost new. If the price of a used item is more that 50% off of the price of a brand-new item in a store, leave it. Your money is probably better spent on something else unless of course, it’s just too cute to pass up.