6 Advantages of Using a Custom Ribbon Rack for Military Ribbons

Military ribbons are an important part of military dress. Whether it’s worn on service dress or mess dress uniforms, it’s a good idea for a custom ribbon rack to be used. There are a lot of advantages to this than to try and do it on your own.

Easy to Use
Particularly after a rank promotion, adding a ribbon is a complicated manner. The racks are not always made so that another ribbon can be added. When you choose to go with a custom ribbon rack, then there is enough space for all of the current ribbons so that it looks better and there’s not the hassle of trying to get all of the ribbons to fit into place.

Professionally Done
A custom ribbon rack will see to it that all of the ribbons are put into place professionally. The mounting is done to such a state that it will help to improve the overall appearance. There is also no chance that the ribbons will bend. Additionally, a team of veterans will inspect so that there are no issues with the finished product.

Order of Precedence is Followed
There is an order of precedence for all of the ribbons that are included in the rack. This includes such things as rank, awards, and more. If the precedence is not followed, it can result in an improper rack. This is why many servicemen choose to have their racks custom built as many do not know what the precedence is unless they speak to a personnelist.

Higher Quality
Military ribbons will be of a higher quality when going through a custom process. This means that the ribbons will be guaranteed for life and will never be obtained from a surplus.

Avoids Reprimanding
If the ribbon rack is for someone who is still enlisted, there is always the fear of being reprimanded for what the uniform looks like. If a rack is bent or the ribbons are not in the proper order, it can lead to various problems for the service member. A custom rack will prevent these issues because it is done by professionals who specialize in this area.

Keeps Ribbons in Good Condition
Ribbons should always be kept in good condition and this is one of the main benefits to having a custom ribbon rack. Whether they are being worn or placed inside of a display case, the ribbons should always look their best as it’s a sign of respect.

Every military member, current or retired, should have a custom ribbon rack for their military ribbons. It provides an array of benefits and guarantees the best possible look.