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5 Shopping Tips for Finding Your Dream Prom Dress

Prom season is almost here. With only a few months left to find your perfect prom dress, how will you know when to say yes to your dress? Though not every dress is right for every person, there is one perfect prom dress that is right for you. Read on for five tips to help you find your perfect dress.

1. Start Researching

Dont go into yourprom dress shoppingwith no idea of what style you might like. Start looking at various designs before you visit any stores. Print out a picture of dresses your admire so you can work off of this inspiration on you shopping spree.
While you are allowed to change your mind, it helps to have something to work with.

2. Bring a Trusted Friend

Whether you hit the stores with your best friend or your mom, it is important to have a loved one with you during your prom dress hunt. This person will be able to give you their honest opinion as you try on various dresses. If something isnt right for you, theyll let you know. Similarly, once you find that special dress, theyll be the first one to tell you how good it looks on you.

3. Find the Right Fit

While you can make minimal alterations to your dress, its best to choose a dress with the right fit from the start. Find a dress that has the correct bodice length to ensure that the bust and waist areas fit appropriately. Any other alterations should be easy to make. Whether you need to add or take away from the skirt or attach more detailing to the dress, an experienced seamstress will be able to handle these tasks for you.

4. Move Around

Planning to dance during your big night? Look for a dress that will allow you to get your groove on. Practice striking a pose and dancing up a storm as you try on the dresses. If a dress cant comfortably move with you, it isnt the right choice.The best prom dresswill fit your body perfectly without restricting your movements.

5. Trust Your Instincts

Youll know when you find the right dress. If you cant seem to find the one, keep searching until you do. Once youre wearing that one dress that feels right, youll know that its time to say yes!

The best prom dress is the one that makes you feel like a star. Regardless of how many dresses you try on, only say yes to the one that you truly fall in love with. Use these five tips to help you make the right choice.

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