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5 Great Ways to Increase the Security of Your Internet Browser

Maintaining your privacy and security anytime you are browsing online has become more important than ever with the rise in online data breaches and corporate hacks worldwide. Whenever you access the internet, keep a few tips in mind to increase the security of your internet browsing, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind whenever you’re online.

Keep Your Preferred Web Browser Updated

Update your browser each time a new version is released. Browser updates often include important patches that help increase online security from the latest viruses and widespread malware programs. Most web browsers also provide the option to enable automatic updates.

Prevent Automatic Downloads

Within your browser’s settings, disable automatic downloads from occurring. Preventing automatic downloads from starting is a way to protect your computer’s hard drive from saving a potentially harmful file, such as a malware program or a dangerous computer virus.

Remove Plugins You Do Not Need

Remove browser plugins that are not necessary or useful in your everyday life. Check your plugins periodically to free up space. Because plugins can be created and shared by any individual, it is important to verify that the plugin is free from malware or malicious programming before installing it into your own web browser.

Update Plugins Automatically

For any plugins you decide to keep installed in your web browser, be sure toupdate the latest versionof the plugin each time there is a new release. Similarly to a web browser, plugin updates often include patches and programming updates that help to secure users while browsing or accessing the plugin itself. Outdated plugins can lead to potential data breaches, especially if they require users to enter login information in order to access the tools or data provided with the plugin itself.

Clear Your Browser’s History and Cache Regularly

Regularlyclearing your web browser’s cache and historyis one way to keep your browser running smoothly anytime you access the internet. If you routinely neglect to clear your browser’s cache and history, you may notice your browser begin to slow when loading pages, especially if you browse hundreds of web pages each day when you are online.

Anytime you access the internet using a computer in a public space or with a public (and free) Wi-Fi connection, avoid saving your usernames and passwords. Always clear your internet browser’s cache and history when accessing a public computer at a local library, cafe, park, or business.

Taking the time to increase and improve your web browser’s security is essential to keep your data safe and encrypted at all times. With the right tips and tricks, ensure your web browser is protected from the latest malware risks and data leaks at all times.

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