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4 Reasons to Install an Elevator at Your House

Technology continually raises the bar of excellence when it comes to making home life easier. Modern kitchen appliances, entertainment options galore, and ingenious environmental control alternatives, among other inventions, aim to help reduce the amount of work you do around your house. This workload allows you to do what you probably want to do most in your home: relax. Now, let’s take it to the next level and get rid of your stairs.

“Ok, now you’re going bat crap crazy! How will I get upstairswithout stairs?!?!”

We thought you’d never ask. Here are solid reasons to ditch those stairs andinstall an elevatorin your house:

1. It lessens the strain on your body.
Walking up and down steps can damage your legs, especially your knees, over time. With an in-home elevator, you can move between floors with absolutely no impact on your joints. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and being practically lifted up to your bedroom on the top floor. It’s almost equivalent to living in your own personal hotel.

2. It’s easier to move furniture and large objects between floors.
If you’ve ever had to help carry a bed post or an armoire up a flight of stairs, you’ve probably wished at some point for a better way to accomplish the task. An elevator would make moving furniture and heavy objects between floors a breeze. It can expand your interior decorating options exponentially.

3. It’s safer for the elderly and children.
A staircase may be child’s play for fit, mobile adults. Climbing them, however, is no laughing matter for young children, elderly adults, and people with injuries or physical disabilities. With an elevator, you gain a safe, enclosed space that’s always level to whatever floor it opens up to. There are no steps for anyone to trip up or fall down. The risk for injury is significantly diminished.

4. It makes one heck of a statement to visitors.
Grand staircases may be the norm, but an elevator that’s visually integrated elevator can steal the show in anyone’s home. It’s not something most people see in a typical house. It’s a great conversation piece that will remain indefinitely in the memories of those who see it and ride on it.

If you still believe that we’re off our rockers after reading these four compelling reasons to install an elevator in your home, then staircases are for you. Don’t letthe virtues of an in-home lift systemget in the way of your journey up that flight of steps. But with technology the way it is, why not take a shot and live a little? Your future body will thank you for taking care of it while you were still young.

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