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4 Reasons Your Business Needs IT Solutions

Does your business have professional information technology (IT) solutions? While often viewed as an unnecessary expense, all businesses can benefit from IT solutions. It’s a smart investment that pays off in the following four ways.

#1) Protection from Cyber Attacks

For starters, professional IT solutions can protect your business from cyber attacks. According toInc., 60 percent of companies that suffer a cyber attack are forced to close their doors within just six months. And those that survive typically face costly expenses regarding data recovery and brand repair. Hiring a professional IT service provider can help your business overcome the challenges of cybersecurity, creating a stronger and more secure system.

#2) Liability Protection

Because it reduces the risk of cyber attacks, professional IT solutions also offers liability protection. Failure to implement the necessary safeguards to protect your customers’ data from unauthorized access, for instance, could leave your business vulnerable to legal action in the event of a data breach.

Last year, Equifax experienced a massive data breach resulting in the disclosure of some 145.5 million personal records. In response to this breach, the credit reporting agency has been hit with a 50-stage class-action lawsuit. By investing in IT solutions, you’ll protect your business from lawsuits such as this.

#3) Reduced Downtime

Furthermore, professional IT solutions can reduce your business’s downtime. Assuming your business relies on computers to perform its day-to-day operations, technical outages may force you to turn customers away.

As explained byCNN, Delta Air Lines experienced a 5-hour computer outage in 2016, which cost the airline company approximately $150 million. Delta was forced to ground its plane until the computer problem was resolved. While it’s doubtful your business will sustain a $150 million loss, outages can still cost your business big bucks. Thankfully, professional IT service providers can protect your business from such outages.

#4) Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Finally, professional IT solutions can increase your business’s productivity and efficiency. If your business uses outdated computer hardware or software, it will probably take longer to handle customer requests and perform other related technical operations. Professional IT solutions, however, can identify and address performance issues to ensure a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

These are just a few reasons your business needs IT solutions. You’ll probably discover other benefits once you’ve made the decision to a hire an IT service provider.