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4 Great Reasons to Get a Kid a Prepaid Phone

Purchasing a cell phone for kids is a family decision. Some agree children need phones, and others might be on the fence. Lets face it; cell phones are expensive and a big responsibility for your child. This is where prepaid phones can shine. They can alleviate common concerns and issues with giving your tween or teen their own phone.

1. No Contract
Buying your childs first phone doesnt have to mean re-signing with your current provider. Contract phones might be snazzier for teens who want the hottest or newest phones, but theyre costly to you and extend how long you must remain with your current company.

Manypay as you go phonescan also allow older kids to reload their minutes or data with cash or by purchasing special cards if they go over their limits.

2. No Shared Data or Minutes
You will never have to worry about your child using up all your data, texts, or minutes. Kids might not be responsible enough to understand how excessive use of apps, texting sessions with their besties, or lengthy conversations can eat into a shared family plan. Unfortunately, most parents learn this lesson the hard way when their bill arrives.

3. Teaches Children Responsibility
Cell phones are popular with tweens and teens, but younger kids are using cell phones today too. Giving an eight year old a $300 phone doesnt sound like a great idea. Sure some kids will be the exception, but the majority of children arent responsible enough to care for an expensive phone or police their use of it.

This is where prepaid phones can shine. You can change the phone at any time. This means you can start witha basic flip phoneand gradually move toward a fancier smartphone. Older kids who have a grasp on basic use could still benefit from a midrange model too.

Responsibility doesnt end with the phone, but it also covers how your kids use it. Setting small limits can teach them how to budget their time while on their phones and prepare them for eventually moving to your plan or one of their own. Youll need to base your decision on your childs age, level of responsibility, and of course, your budget.

4. Cheaper Phones
Postpaid phones are expensive, and most companies adopted a model where you no longer purchase your phone upfront. Your credit score determines your additional monthly payments as well as an initial down payment. Prepaid phones range from $20 to upward of $100 or more.

Postpaid phone companies tend to start pricing higher, and they give you the illusion of being affordable if your credit is perfect. However, if you were to add up the monthly payments and money down, youll find that youve likely well exceeded the cost of a high end no-contract phone.

Prepaid phones are a solid consideration for younger children, tweens, and teens. Choose one based on your familys needs, and think more of your childs level of maturity and responsibility. You can also give them stepping stones, gradually increasing their minutes or upgrading their phones as they progress or prove themselves capable.

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