3 Unique Items to Include at Your Wedding

While many brides have been dreaming about their wedding day for years before they get engaged, the reality is that any plans that you might have had in mind beforehand may be erased when the time comes to start planning your event. Many brides and grooms want to celebrate their unique relationship and this milestone event in a special and individualized way. After all, you may not want your wedding to be like the others that your guests have been to. These are some excellent ideas to incorporate into your big celebration in different ways that could personalize your event beautifully.

A Pre-Wedding Reception
The typical wedding has a ceremony followed by a reception. However, you can turn this on its head and havea pre-wedding reception. For example, you can serve your guests or at least your wedding party a brunch or lunch before the wedding preparations get in full swing. This is not the same as a rehearsal dinner, and it simply gives everyone another chance to get together and to celebrate the happy day together in a relaxed way.

Alcohol Wedding Gifts
When searching for wedding gifts to hand out to your guests, it may seem impossible to find any trulyunique wedding gift ideas. However, if you want to depart from the norm, consider giving customized shot glasses with a small bottle of your favorite alcohol. The alcohol may be your favorite type, or it may be a type that goes along well with the theme of the wedding. A twist is to give a personalized coffee mug with a small package of quality coffee or hot cocoa in it.

A Storytelling Ceremony Aisle Runner
Another excellent idea to personalize your event is to invest in an aisle runner that is customized specifically for this special event. You can incorporate words or images that tell the story about your relationship together over the many months or years that you have shared. There are other ways to decorate the aisle runner in unique ways, and you can brainstorm creative options based on the theme of your wedding. Some decorative ideas may be better suited for casual or more elegant weddings, so explore the options carefully and consider the style of your wedding before committing.

While there are some traditional aspects of a wedding and reception that you may not want to alter, you can see that you have ample leeway to be creative with your wedding and reception plans in different ways as well. These are only a few of the many ideas that you can incorporate into your big day that will help you to celebrate the unique nature of your personalities and relationship in style.